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Creve Coeur Pest Control Services

Pest control that is effective during every season of the year is important to homeowners. Pests can ruin peaceful summer nights, burrow into your house for warmth during the fall and winter, and build nests in the spring. Once they’d made themselves at home, they’re not going anywhere. If you’re worried about the possibility of pests living in and around your home or business, Blue Chip Pest Control can help. We handle pest removal for:

  • Wildlife, such as mice and other rodents, birds, and voles and moles.
  • Insects, which in the Creve Coeur area can include mosquitoes, bees, hornets, wasps, ticks, bedbugs, ants, and termites.

Residential Pest Control

Pests are naturally drawn to your home. It’s warm, it has great hiding places (like your eaves and attic), and it has food and nesting materials. The longer pests remain in your home, the more likely you’ll find traces of them. By the time you realize they’re there, eliminating them properly can be a problem, since they can begin to multiply. Blue Chip’s Creve Coeur office can handle any residential pest control problem—insect or wildlife—and you can enjoy your home and yard once again.

Don’t Live with Stinging and Biting Insects

Some years seem worse than others when it comes to stinging insects like wasps, hornets and bees, and biting insects like mosquitoes. If you’re finding them in your house, they’re flying around you as soon as you walk out your door, or you’re keeping spray out on your patio to guard your family against stings and bites, call Blue Chip. We have an effective program that will control and eliminate much of the stinging insect and mosquito population in and around your home.

Rodent Control and Removal in Creve Coeur

Rodents are year-round pests in our area. They will try (and often succeed) in entering your home, which isn’t difficult—many mice can squeeze through holes that are the size of a quarter. When they find a warm space with food and nesting materials, they’ll stay. You may hear some scuttling or find mice droppings around your food. They’ll climb to every level of your home, and it can be difficult to find where they are nesting. Blue Chip has the equipment and know-how to find and eliminate rodents that are in and around your home.

Blue Chip Pest Control has professional staff and technicians available for both homeowners and business owners. Don’t live another day with pests bothering you in your home, your business, or on your property. Call us today.

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