Pest Control Florissant

Florissant Pest Control

Home and business owners battle pests every season of the year. Spring and summer have mosquitoes and stinging insects, while fall and winter have wildlife burrowing in your yard and house. Although some pests may seem like a seasonal problem – after the current season, they’ll go away – they’re actually going to be a recurring problem. Once pests find their way into your home or your property, they won’t leave, since they have warmth and food. You’ll need a professional pest control company like Blue Chip to rid your yard and home of annoying, and sometimes dangerous, pests.

Blue Chip Pest Control will eliminate, treat, or control:

  • Wildlife pests like birds, rodents, moles, voles, raccoons, and bats
  • Insects like termites, bees, wasps, bedbugs, and mosquitoes

Residential Pest Control for Florissant

Pests love your home and yard. They can build insect and bird nests under the eaves, live inside cracks in your foundation, eat through your wood, sleep in your attic, run through your kitchen, and burrow in the dirt in your yard. With so many ways for pests to enter your home, you’ll need a company that knows how to recognize the signs of a pest invasion and how to treat the problem so that it’s eliminated permanently. Blue Chip Pest Control has certified technicians who have been trained to recognize and combat insect and wildlife.

Rodent Control and Elimination

Mice and rats are a common problem for many Florissant home and business owners, especially for structures that are near a wooded area. In homes, mice like to come in through basements and burrow in attics during cold weather, and they will eventually make their way to your kitchen, where you’ll find droppings and pieces of food scattered around. Businesses often have mice and rat issues since they find hospitable surroundings in offices, such as shredded paper (great for nests) and company cafeterias. Blue Chip will identify rodent hiding places and then use bait and traps to eliminate these pests.

Eliminate Termites in Your Home

Termites are feared by home owners everywhere, and it’s no wonder–they tunnel through the wood in doorways and wood beams, creating a mess and weakening the very structure of your home. Once they’ve been in your home, they’ll quickly multiple, and it takes a professional pest control company like Blue Chip to guarantee that they’ll be eliminated. If you see mud tubes near your home’s foundation, or if the wall in your floor, wall, or ceiling seems weak, you should call Blue Chip right away.

Use Blue Chip Pest Control to ensure that insects and wildlife aren’t taking over your home or business. Our experienced staff technicians will develop a plan that will make your home and property safe again.

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