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O’Fallon Pest Control

Blue Chip Pest Control is O’Fallon’s number one pest control company, providing residential and commercial services. Our combination of training techniques, superior customer service, and insect and wildlife control and elimination programs makes us the most effective pest control company in the area.
We provide pest control services for:

  • Insects (stinging insects like bees, hornets, and wasps), biting insects like mosquitoes and bedbugs, and destructive bugs like termites, and nuisances like ants.
  • Wildlife that includes moles, birds, rodents, voles, and raccoons.

Residential Pest Control for Wildlife and Insects

If you think that your O’Fallon home and property are being invaded by bugs, rodents, or birds, then Blue Chip Pest Control can eliminate that problem by setting up a plan to evaluate your home and property and then treat the pest issue at its source. We use the most effective measures to rid your home and yard of pests, including bait, traps, and approved treatments so that you can enjoy sitting outside again.

Bedbug Treatment That Works

Bedbugs are making resurgence in our area. There are several reasons for this. They travel easily–usually on a person’s suitcase, pant legs, or other clothing. Because they’re so small, you can’t see them until you see and feel the telltale evidence: itchiness and a rash. Bedbugs are also resilient. They can be difficult to eliminate without the proper chemical treatment. Blue Chip is an experienced bedbug pest control company for the O’Fallon area. If you think you have these tiny pests, call us right away before they spread.

Commercial Pest Control

If your O’Fallon business is experiencing problems with insect or wildlife infestation, Blue Chip Pest Control can help. Ants will come marching into your business in the spring, and stinging insects are a problem in the summer. However, business owners find that insects will disrupt their business every season of the year. Additionally, wildlife can still make its way into buildings. Many companies find that rodents have made their way into break rooms, cafeterias, and office areas (mice like shredded paper for nests, and offices have a lot of it). Blue Chip will carefully examine all areas of your company and then develop a plan that will keep insects and wildlife away so that your patrons and customers can enjoy their visit to your business.

Contact Blue Chip today for fast, effective pest control at your O’Fallon business or home.

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